Why is a bio cellulose sheet mask better than other skin care treatments?

Why is a bio cellulose sheet mask better than other skin care treatments?

By: bmbAdmin | 6 Jan 2016

Most of us learn at an early age how important it is to take care of our skin. When we’re very young, our parents make sure to slather us with sunscreen when we go outside, and they cover us with lotion when we get dry winter skin.

By the time we’re in our teens, we’re starting to care more about our appearance, and for most of us the lure of the beauty counter is too much to resist. We try many products in the hopes they will make our skin look beautiful.

As we get older, taking care of our skin becomes more urgent. Anti-aging products creep into our skin care routines, and we’re ever more vigilant about shielding ourselves from the damaging effects of the sun. So we apply creams and serums and masks, and hope they deliver on their promises.

The creams and lotions we apply on our skin wouldn’t be very effective if they simply evaporated shortly after application – so most formulations contain silicone or petrolatum, that sit on the surface of the skin to bind the nourishing elements of the formula to the skin – preventing them from simply evaporating away.

A bio cellulose sheet mask goes even further. Bio cellulose can retain 100 times its dry weight in fluid – and after a 30-minute application, the bio cellulose fabric loses less than 10% of its fluid (water and serum).

A bio cellulose mask also fits like a second skin, meaning that the skin care ingredients infused in the mask are in constant contact with your skin, every curve and contour is continually soaking in the treatment.

Superior moisture retention + superior adhesion = excellent ingredient penetration

A daily skin care regimen is a must. You need to keep your skin nourished and moisturized, and there are plenty of creams, lotions, and serums in the beauty marketplace that can do a fine job. But a Bel Mondo bio cellulose mask will give your skin a super boost of treatment serum (you can choose the mask that best suits your skin care needs), allowing your skin to absorb more of the nourishing ingredients than it would get from a regular cream or lotion. Think of it as “force-feeding” your skin.

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