Introduce Your Clients to Skin Care’s Most Advanced Treatment Masks

If you have been searching for add-on products that are affordable and distinctive, look closely at Bel Mondo Beauty’s premium facial treatment masks. Our spa-friendly opening order consists of six box sets of our distinctive bio cellulose masks, each containing four treatment masks. You can choose any combination of mask types — Ultra-Hydrating, Calming, Brightening, and Anti-Aging. We’ll supply several full-size samples so that you can experience Bel Mondo before recommending us to clients. We also offer bio cellulose mask treatments for the under eye zone and decolletage.

Therapeutic Benefits, Prep and Post Care

Bel Mondo’s treatment masks are used domestically in 250 spas, medical spas, and resorts. Estheticians trust the industry-leading safety profile and efficacy of our bio cellulose masks for use in a wide variety of skin services — from custom facials to micro needling.

Our sheet masks are extremely easy to use. The fabrics are infused with clinically-advanced skin care formulations free of parabens and toxins. There is nothing to add; set-up takes about 30 seconds and applications take 15 minutes.


The Perfect Primer for Makeup

Want to apply makeup on a perfect palette? Keep Bel Mondo’s treatment masks in your professional toolkit. They excel at hydrating and plumping skin, enabling flawless makeup application. Perfect for wedding parties and red-carpet events.


Retail Opportunities: Home and Travel Use

Once clients experience Bel Mondo in your treatment room, they’ll want to use our masks for indulgent, at-home skin maintenance and for an instant beauty boost when traveling.