Attention, celebrities: You’re doing your sheet mask selfies wrong!

By: bmbAdmin | 8 Sep 2015

Recently, it’s become trendy for celebrities to post selfies wearing facial masks – both the traditional clay types and the more modern sheet masks. The sheet mask market has been growing rapidly in the US, and there are many different formulations and materials to choose from. But, one of the things we noticed about the celebrity mask selfies is how poorly they fit.

Bel Mondo Bio Cellulose Mask vs. Spa Facial

By: bmbAdmin | 13 Aug 2015

While there’s almost nothing better in this world than a pampering day at the spa, those pampering days are few and far between for many women. We’re busy, and many of us have to watch our pennies. So, how does a Bel Mondo bio cellulose mask compare to a spa facial?