Why is a bio cellulose sheet mask better than other skin care treatments?

By: bmbAdmin | 6 Jan 2016

Bio cellulose can retain 100 times its dry weight in fluid – and after a 30-minute application, the bio cellulose fabric loses less than 10% of its fluid (water and serum). A bio cellulose mask also fits like a second skin, meaning that the skin care ingredients infused in the mask are in constant contact with your skin, every curve and contour is continually soaking in the treatment.

Prevention is the key to healthy skin

By: bmbAdmin | 16 Dec 2015

It’s easier to keep something from getting damaged than it is to repair the damage. This is true with most things in life – and it’s certainly true when it comes to skin care.

How does stress affect skin?

By: bmbAdmin | 7 Dec 2015

It’s been shown that stress (both emotional and physical) causes a chemical response in the body that leads to increased skin sensitivity. Stress can take a toll on your skin, but there are things you can do to reduce stress – or diminish its effects on your skin.

Turn Black Friday into Mask Friday

By: bmbAdmin | 17 Nov 2015

Instead of giving in to the temptation of saving a few dollars on Black Friday, give into the temptation to pamper yourself. An at-home spa experience can be inexpensive and very relaxing with the help of a Bel Mondo Bio Cellulose Mask.

What happens to your skin while you sleep?

By: bmbAdmin | 16 Oct 2015

Almost every list of tips for taking better care of your skin will include getting adequate, quality sleep. And when know that our skin will betray our lack of sleep in the form of dehydration, fine lines, under-eye dark circles, and an ashen complexion. It’s important to understand what is happening to our skin while we sleep, and how we can be sure that were giving our skin (and the rest of us) the quality rest it needs.