Not all sheet masks are created equal

Not all sheet masks are created equal

By: bmbAdmin | 2 Dec 2013

We’ve had several inquiries about how our facial sheet masks compare to the competition, and what makes ours different. One of the biggest differences between sheet masks lies in the materials they are made from.

Fabric/Pulp sheet masks

There are a lot of sheet masks on the market that are made from fabric and/or pulp. While masks made from these materials are often more budget-friendly, they do have their drawbacks:

  • They don’t fit as well as some other types of materials. The fit tends to be uneven, and leaves gaps – meaning your skin is not exposed to the entire mask at all times. Because of this, the mask is more likely to fall off – meaning you need to lie down to keep it on.
  • Fabric/pulp masks are more prone to lose the benefits of the liquid formula due to evaporation.
  • Fabric/pulp sheet masks are usually among the least effective of the facial sheet masks.
  • Fabric/pulp masks are more likely to cause irritation.

Hydrogel Masks

Hydrogel Masks are a step up from the fabric/pulp masks, but there are still some downsides:

  • Hydrogel masks are fragile, and tear easily
  • Hydrogel facial sheet masks are two pieces instead of one. And that leads to gaps between the two halves, as well as a tendency for the pieces to slide out of place.
  • In a hydrogel mask, the skin care formula is actually mixed in with the gel itself, which can make the skin care preparation less effective. This can also lead to increased irritation from the mask.

Bio Cellulose Masks

Bio Cellulose is the cream of the crop when it comes to facial sheet masks. While Bio Cellulose masks are usually pricier than their fabric/pulp and hydrogel counterparts, the benefits are substantial:

  • Bio Cellulose masks provide a perfect fit to the contour of your face, keeping the precious skin care ingredients in contact with the skin at all times.
  • Bio Cellulose sheet masks are the most effective, due to the structure of the material, and the fact that they remain in contact with the skin.
  • Because Bio Cellulose facial sheet masks fit so well, they can be worn while standing up, and even while being active.
  • Bio Cellulose masks are all-natural and eco-friendly.

As you can see, the Bio Cellulose masks offer the best of the best when it comes to facial sheet masks.

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