Demi Moore Masks: Why Can’t You?

By: bmbAdmin | 20 Apr 2011

Demi Moore is a master of the “Twitter-verse,” using the social media outlet to tweet about almost every aspect of her life, and often includes pictures. One recent tweet really got our attention: she tweeted a photo of her with a mask on her face with the caption “Hydration mask, anyone?”

No ordinary facial mask

And it was not a simple clay mask that comes in a jar; it was a sheet mask, similar to Bel Mondo’s Bio Cellulose Masks. Demi did not disclose the brand, describing it only as a “little duty-free find,” but it was clearly not a Bel Mondo mask, as it did not fit as closely to the face as our masks do.

Could Sheet Masks Be Her Secret?

Demi Moore has long been considered a beautiful woman. And it’s hard to deny that her youthful looking skin makes her look much younger than her 48 years. Perhaps using a sheet mask is part of her secret

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