28 Oct 2014

FutureDerm’s Nicki Zevola Contemplates Adding Sheet Masks to One’s Skin Care Regimen

After reading an article about the growing popularity of facial sheet masks
FutureDerm.com‘s Nicki Zevola decided to investigate masks a bit more. As many discover, masks come in a wide variety: fiber, pulp, hydrogel, and bio cellulose. Each has pros and cons, though well admit we’re biased towards bio cellulose. 

Bio cellulose’s medical heritage makes it a wonderful treatment and delivery system. It clings tightly to your skin and delivers hydration deeply as it infuses your skin with beneficial ingredients. And for twenty minutes or more you can have a little spa experience in your own home. It’s probably why Nicki so enjoyed
Bel Mondo Beauty’s Anti-Aging bio cellulose masks.

My favorite sheet mask is Bel Mondo Beauty Anti-Aging Facial Sheet Mask