4 Nov 2015

Bel Mondo Beauty’s Anti-Aging Mask is a professional-grade at-home treatment

Beauty product fan, skin care expert, and professional scientist Nicki Zevola started
Futurederm.com in 2007. She enjoys peering beneath the glimmering allure of beauty products to discover what’s truly inside them – and to see if they really work. Her expertise has been featured in many leading media outlets – both online and off. 

Bel Mondo Beauty’s Anti-Aging Masks Make the Grade!

Nicki recently discovered Bel Mondo’s unique
bio cellulose anti-aging masks and has become a fan. They’re now a part of her bath time beauty ritual because they stay on and moist no matter how long you soak in the tub. 

But of course, Nicki also looked deeper and came away appreciated not only the bio cellulose material, but also our carefully selected ingredient mix. Bel Mondo is proud we held up to Nicki’s scrutiny and we’re pleased to be part of her bath time too.

If you’re looking for an exceptional pre-party or event treatment, look no further than Bel Mondo Beauty Anti-Aging Sheet Mask. It’s my new go-to each and every time I take a bath or am getting prepped to go somewhere special.