20 Jan 2015

Australia’s “Beauty Bee” Gets her At-Home Salon Quality Facial with Bel Mondo Masks

Currently obsessed with face masks,
Australian blogger “Beauty Bee” found that Bel Mondo’s Bio Cellulose Facial Sheet Masks “ticked all the boxes” when it came to finding a salon quality treatment mask that was comfortable, convenient, and effective.

After trying Bel Mondo’s Ultra-Hydrating, Calming, and Anti-Aging Masks, Sylvia (the “beauty bee”) was impressed by the feel and fit of the bio cellulose and the effectiveness of the ingredients in each mask type. She describes the Ultra-Hydrating Mask as “intensely hydrating, without any oiliness or grease,” while both she and a friend used the Calming Mask to reduce redness and discomfort. And she shared her Anti-Aging Masks with her mum, who said her skin “felt very smooth, plump and hydrated.”

It’s obvious that they care about the products that they make and the quality of these masks is superb.