Bel Mondo Beauty Announces Bio Cellulose Sheet Mask For Oncology Spa Services

By: bmbAdmin | 13 Sep 2019

Free From Artificial Fragrances, Synthetic Dyes, and Other Potential Irritants, Pure Bio Cellulose Fabric Gently Hydrates and Soothes Compromised Skin

Laurel Springs, NJ (PR WEB) September 17, 2019 – Bel Mondo Beauty announced today the availability of a facial sheet mask tailored for skin care professionals who provide oncology spa services.

Developed in collaboration with Oncology Spa Solutions ® – a leader in oncology-care training for estheticians nationwide – Bel Mondo Beauty’s Moisture Renewal Mask is designed to help alleviate the extreme dryness and sensitivity associated with skin impacted by cancer-care treatments. The premium mask features Bel Mondo’s signature bio cellulose fabric, prized in medical aesthetics for its exceptional occlusive and hydrophilic properties.

Notably, Bel Mondo Beauty’s Moisture Renewal Mask is free from additives that potentially irritate compromised skin, including artificial fragrances, synthetic dyes, ethyl alcohols, paraben preservatives, silicon and petroleum-based surfactants, and mineral oils. The formula features six key active ingredients — Pentavitin, Sodium Hyaluronate, Acetyl Tetrapeptide-5, PRODEW 600, Green Caviar Sea Grape, and Chamomile – selected for their ability to replenish and attract moisture while calming skin.


Prototypes of Bel Mondo’s Moisture Renewal Mask were evaluated by 30 oncology-trained estheticians, who tried the product directly and used it on clients who were undergoing or had recently completed cancer treatments. Eighty percent of those who evaluated the mask reported that it increased moisture levels and alleviated sensitivity significantly; zero instances of skin irritation were experienced.

Access to the estheticians who participated in the product evaluation was provided by Becky Kuehn, Founder and Director of Education of Oncology Spa Solutions. A Licensed Master Esthetician and Holistic Cancer Educator, Kuehn has provided esthetic services directly for cancer patients since 2009, and has trained 4,000 students in oncology esthetics since 2013 through her Life Changing Esthetics® coursework.

“Finding the right sheet mask for my very special clients going through cancer treatment was extremely important to me,” Kuehn stated. “As I was searching, Bel Mondo reached out and offered to formulate a bio cellulose mask with safe ingredients that could deliver the type of benefits I was looking for. This mask is a fabulous addition to any facial protocol when trying to calm, soothe, and hydrate skin.”


Bel Mondo Beauty’s Moisture Renewal Mask will be sold to skin care professionals. Estheticians can purchase products through Bel Mondo Beauty’s website after creating an account, and from Med Spa Distributors (Kingsland, Georgia).

Bel Mondo will donate Moisture Renewal Masks to Oncology Spa Solutions to support its educational classes, and become one of the organization’s Mission Partners. It will also contribute a portion of revenue from its new product to SPOT-ON (Spa Professionals Oncology Trained, Oncology Navigators) – the first national association for oncology-trained spa professionals.

“Sheet masks have enjoyed explosive growth in the last five years, with most brands focusing on the traditional beauty consumer,” stated Lou Martelli, Bel Mondo Beauty President. “Our focus has been on the professional channel, and it ultimately led to a wonderful collaborative opportunity with Becky Kuehn and Oncology Spa Solutions. It feels good to be able to support those on the cancer journey in this small way.”

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