Can Your Facial Sheet Mask Do This?

By: bmbAdmin | 8 Jul 2014

Video from Bel Mondo Beauty Demonstrates Amazing Adherence of Its Bio Cellulose Treatment Masks

Washington Township, NJ – (PR Web) – July 8, 2014 – The verdict is in: Bel Mondo Beauty’s facial treatment masks really do fit like a second skin.

The niche beauty brand, which markets facial masks made from an all natural material called bio cellulose, recently produced a video that demonstrates just how well its distinctive mask fabric adheres to skin. But the test subject was not a client relaxing in a tranquil spa, or a beauty editor sitting in a Manhattan office. It was a professional Parkour athlete, a finalist on NBC television’s cult hit, American Ninja Warrior.

The 3-minute video shows the Parkour athlete, Phil Pirollo, wearing a Bel Mondo facial mask and aggressively navigating through obstacles that are a standard part of the Ninja Warrior show: running up the infamous 14-foot warped wall, scaling the rungs of the bone-jarring salmon ladder, and vaulting swiftly over boxes of varying heights. For good measure, Pirollo added a few tricks – walking handstands and multiple back flips. At no point in the demonstration does the Bel Mondo mask slip or require adjustment.

“We wanted to show in a fun and engaging way the very special physical properties that bio cellulose brings to skin care,” commented Bel Mondo Beauty President Lou Martelli. “The longer a facial mask can retain moisture and the tighter it can maintain dermal contact, the more efficient it will be at hydrating skin and transferring nourishment.”

A Premium Fabric for Hydrating and Reconditioning Skin

Bel Mondo facial masks are produced through microbial processes, not mass manufactured. They have gel-like fabrics that outperform ordinary pulp and paper masks, which evaporate quickly and lose contact with skin. Bel Mondo’s masks retain 100 times their dry weight in water and remain incredibly moist throughout 20 minutes of application. They “fit like a second skin”, as shown in the video, because their fabrics are woven and pliable, capable of tracking the contours of skin trenches.

Authentic, Spa-Quality Treatments

Bel Mondo facial masks are sold through beauty retailers and spas, where they are utilized as add-ons to facial services. They are gaining popularity as do-it-yourself beauty treatments as well: women with hectic schedules use Bel Mondo masks in the convenience of their homes and take them when traveling to get an instant beauty boost, whenever needed. The masks are infused with premium skin care ingredients; they are easy to apply and require no cleanup.

Bel Mondo Beauty markets three mask types – anti-aging, calming, and ultra-hydrating – all made from pure bio cellulose. A box set containing four, single-use treatment masks retails for $45.

About Bel Mondo Beauty

Bel Mondo Beauty has been developing and marketing the world’s finest facial treatment masks since 2011. Our distinctive line of bio cellulose products is sold through select spa and retail channels. Visit for more information, and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.
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