“Finding the right sheet mask for my very special clients going through cancer treatment was extremely important to me. This fabulous mask is a great addition to any facial protocol when trying to achieve calming, soothing, and hydrating benefits.”

Becky Kuehn
Founder, Director of Education, Oncology Spa Solutions®
Author of Life Changing Esthetics®

“I cleansed my face with botanicals and used a rose hip scrub before applying the Bel Mondo mask for 15 minutes. My face was glowing! Then I tried the mask on two clients, both with sensitive skin, and saw similar results: their skin was glowing, with no irritation or redness. Love it.”

Tatiana Morales, Oncology-Trained Esthetician
LILYBELLE Skin Care, Florida


“Worked with a client whose skin was compromised and very sensitive. The bio cellulose mask really calmed her inflammation, and she reported no irritation. She loved it. I feel very confident using Bel Mondo on oncology clients and just about anyone with compromised skin. When I tried the mask, it hydrated and plumped my skin, leaving it looking and feeling vibrant and healthy.”

Erin Reddell, Oncology-Trained Esthetician

“Over the last two to three years my skin has been so sensitive that everything seems to effect it. I cleansed and did a mild exfoliation (that always makes me sensitive) before using the Bel Mondo mask. It was awesome. I got immediate relief and my skin felt so moisturized and hydrated.”

Linda S. Miller, Oncology-Trained Esthetician

“I am a three-time cancer survivor and have had to deal with breast-cancer medications that contribute to very dry, dehydrated skin. I enjoyed Bel Mondo’s masks, and love the bio cellulose fabric.

Before applying the mask, I cleansed and did a mild exfoliant. When the mask was on my skin, I used cold globes to roll over my skin. After I removed the mask, I used a jade roller to infuse any ingredient residue. My hydration level increased 10 points, and the next morning was still reading 8 points higher.”

Geralyn O’Brien
Esthetician, Waterford Place Cancer Resource Center

“I have used this mask three times now on clients. It is fabulous — soothing, extremely hydrating, reduces redness. My clients said their skin felt amazing, even the next day. One of those clients is post-cancer treatments; another has no cancer history but her skin is severely dry (almost alipoid). Not after this mask!”

Lori Murtaugh, Oncology-Trained Esthetician, Zoee Beauty Bar

“I used the mask on a client with very compromised skin due to an autoimmune disease. All I can say is, wow, what a difference it made in her skin! When I finished the treatment, we were both extremely happy with the results (largely due to the mask). I sent her home with the remaining serum in the packet to use as well.”

Teri Kotantoulas, Licensed Esthetician, Clinical Oncology Esthetics Certified