Your Skin & Bio Cellulose: A Love Story!

Some pairings are perfect: peanut butter and jelly, Superman and Lois, a dark movie theatre and a tub of hot, buttered popcorn.

Here’s another perfect pairing – your skin and bio cellulose.

That’s not marketing puff. It’s a claim supported by science.

Before bio cellulose earned its reputation as skincare’s most advanced sheet mask fabric, this amazing bio material excelled for more than a decade in medical applications.

Dermatologists and emergency-care professionals routinely prescribed it as a wound dressing to treat patients with chronic venous ulcers and burns. They found that the ultra-moisturizing properties of bio cellulose accelerated healing and pain relief to damaged skin better than standard compression bandages.

Congratulations: You’re Biocompatible!

Here’s an important distinction to understand about bio cellulose: it isn’t just good for your skin; it is biocompatible with your skin. That’s a fancy way of saying that it interacts safely with living tissue: the all-natural bio cellulose fibers contain no toxins or harmful irritants.

For good measure, during final production stages, Bel Mondo’s bio cellulose masks are sterilized by high-temperature (121 Celsius), high-pressure steam. Bacteria simply do not have a chance! The bottom line: no sheet mask fabric has the track record for nourishing skin as effectively and safely as bio cellulose. Your skin will love it!

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