You have dry skin. What should you do?

By: bmbAdmin | 28 Oct 2016

Dry skin is a common skin care complaint. After all, any time you get too much sun, or the weather turns colder and drier, you might find you’re suffering from “dry skin.”

But is your skin dry? Or do you have dry skin? Believe it or not, there is a difference.

How you can tell if you have dry skin

Truly dry skin doesn’t produce sufficient natural oils. The lack of oil does prevent most blemishes and break-outs, but it mostly has negative effects on your skin. Since your skin relies on natural oil (sebum) to retain moisture and protect the moisture barrier, having dry skin is more a curse than a blessing.

Even of your skin doesn’t appear flaky, dry skin is prone to more pronounced wrinkling. And perhaps most importantly, your moisture barrier can become damaged, leaving skin vulnerable to cracking and irritation.

Chances are, if you’ve never gotten a pimple, and your pores are small – or your skin feels dry, flaky, or irritated, you have dry skin.

Skin that is dry

We all experience skin that is dry from time to time. Perhaps our sebum production has been affected by the cold weather or a dry climate. Or too much sun may be the culprit. But as long as your skin is producing its natural oils, you do not have dry skin.

Now, the important part: how to take care of dry skin

If you have truly dry skin, a trip to the dermatologist is probably a good first step. A professional can make sure you do not have an underlying condition that is causing your skin not to produce sebum – and can help you determine the best types of products to protect your skin.

Gentle is always best

When you’re skin is not producing its natural oils, it’s vulnerable, plain and simple. So it’s important to use gentle cleansers that aren’t going to strip moisture out of your skin. Also, you want to avoid any ingredients in your cleansers and/or moisturizers that can be irritating or drying in any way.


You want to try to get moisture to your skin in any way you can, so it’s important to keep your living space sufficiently humid. If you can put a humidifier on your home’s heating system, that’s great. If not, individual humidifiers will work also. And while humidity isn’t usually welcomed in the hot summer months, you can use a cool misting humidifier to get the moisture without the stickiness.

Never skip the moisturizer

The first thing you should do after getting out of the shower or simply washing your face is to moisturize. It’s important to apply your moisturizer while your skin still has some moisture from cleansing. This will help seal in the much-needed moisture.

This is especially important before bedtime. Nighttime is when skin rejuvenates itself, and keeping skin properly moisturized will go a long way toward helping keep the moisture barrier protected and skin looking healthy.

A sheet mask may be your best friend

Bel Mondo has developed our bio cellulose sheet masks to retain their moisture throughout the use of the mask. Our pure microbial cellulose can retain 100 times its dry weight in fluid. And our masks are saturated with soothing, cooling, moisturizing ingredients. Once you put one on, it stays moist and cool the entire time you’re wearing it – no worrying about moisture evaporation. Even better: the moisture stays in constant contact with your skin as the mask fits like a second skin over the contours of your face. Our Ultra-hydrating mask is a particularly good way to give your skin a good dose of moisture.

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