You deserve a spa break today - a 20-minute break!

You deserve a spa break today – a 20-minute break!

By: bmbAdmin | 7 May 2011

Everyone is so busy these days. Workdays rarely end at 5pm anymore, and with work and family commitments, it’s difficult for most people to carve out some “me time.”

But taking care of oneself is more important than most people realize. Anyone who has ever flown on an airplane has heard the flight attendant explain that, if there is a loss of pressure in the cabin, you’re supposed to secure your oxygen mask before attempting to help others. The point is that, if you can’t breathe, you can’t help anyone else. In other words, you need to take some time for yourself: you need a break. So, how about a 20-minute at home spa break – some pampering with purpose?

In such a busy world, it is difficult to find the time to take a break. Or, if you do manage to find a few spare minutes, you might feel guilty taking that time to pamper yourself. But, taking just a 20-minute break to do something relaxing for yourself can have tremendous benefits. The relaxation you feel from pampering yourself can actually help prevent chronic stress from damaging your health.

And, if you use that 20-minute break to apply a Bel Mondo Bio Cellulose Anti-Aging Mask, you will be benefitting your skin as well as your overall health.

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