Worst Foods for Your Skin

Worst Foods for Your Skin

By: bmbAdmin | 17 Mar 2013

You are what you eat so they say and it turns out its true. What we intake into our bodies effects everything from how we feel to how we look. The list of foods that are bad for our skin reads just like the list straight from a dietician. Salty, sugary, fried foods, alcohol and more are not only are unhealthy for us on the inside but also on the outside.

White bread & pasta

Growing up my mom always made us eat yucky wheat bread. A child of the 80s, Wonder white bread was what all the other kids got to enjoy.  Now that I’m older I really appreciate my mothers insight into feeding me something healthier because white bread, along with pasta just isn’t healthy for us. These foods are high in sugar and low in fiber. This can lead to inflammation and unhealthy looking skin.  A recent study showed that these types of foods are linked to an increase in acne problems. So best to do like my mom taught and switch to whole grain breads and pastas.


I’m definitely a salty snacker so this one is tough for me but salty high in sodium foods can cause some issues for your skin. Salt makes you retain water so your skin can appear puffy and tired. After a while your skin will lose its elasticity from bloating. Salt is not only found in the obvious places (potato chips) but also in those convenient single serving frozen dinners or cans of soup. You can limit your salty foods and increase your water intake to help flush some of it from your system. This will bring a healthier look back to your skin.


Like white bread candy and sweets are loaded with sugar. Besides the risk of heart disease, diabetes and weight gain, acne and inflamed unhealthy looking skin are the results of eating to many sweets. If you really have a sweet tooth you can try sweetening with honey and eating more fruits, both benefit the skin.

Fried Foods

Greasy fattening foods make your skin appear unhealthy as well as causing oil to build up quickly on your skin.  By avoiding fast and fried foods all together it will go a long way to helping your skin remain healthy and glowing.


When you over indulge in alcohol you are dehydrating your system. Dehydration wreaks havoc on your skin. Dry skin leads to many skin problems such as rosacea, so it is important that you keep yourself hydrated. That being said, drinking one glass of red wine a day (I said one) is actually healthy for your skin. Red wine contains an antiager called resveratrol, studies on this are ongoing but evidence are pointing to it having antiviral, anti-inflammatory, and anticancer effects.

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