Will 2012 be the year of the At-Home Spa Facial Treatment?

Will 2012 be the year of the At-Home Spa Facial Treatment?

By: bmbAdmin | 27 Dec 2011

If in 2011 a tight economy forced you to cut back on spa facials or spa treatments. And you’ve started to look for home spa options, then you’re not alone. 2012 may be a big year for at-home spa treatments.

At Home Spa Treatments And Facials

Facials and spa therapy done at home isn’t anything new. For centuries people have been mashing fruit and mixing it with other ingredients to create facial and body treatments. Even now food processors, mortar & pestles, and blenders whir with the next at-home spa remedy. But there’s a problem with spa treatments mixed up at home – they take serious preparation, they’re messy, and you need to clean things up after you’re done. Prep, mix, and cleaning isn’t reminiscent of a relaxing spa environment.

Then there’s the varying results from using raw ingredients. It’s good to be natural, but the levels of beneficial ingredients in foods varies. That’s why genuine spa treatments, even those derived from natural ingredients, combine large batches and test for potency and purity. So the effects and benefits are consistent and tangible. It takes a little bit of science to make nature uniform across each application.

New bio cellulose masks combines nature and science for fantastic results

If you’ve visited our site previously, you’ll know we’re big proponents of bio cellulose. It’s a natural material cultured from bacteria that’s then purified, pasteurized, and infused with beneficial ingredients. It’s super saturated and remains tight against your skin while you wear it – if you’re using one of our Bio Cellulose Masks. But while top-end salons and spas use our products during spa treatments – some also sell them for home use too.

Bio Cellulose Masks make the perfect at-home spa facial treatment. They’re pre-dosed, conveniently packaged, and there’s no fuss or mess when you’re ready to use them. Simply tear open a foil pouch, peel back the carrier layer, apply the mask, remove the second backing and smooth to the contours of your face. No prep (other than washing your face) is required. The foil pouch can be discarded…but only after you slather on the left over liquid as a free bonus moisturizer. Apply it to your hands and decollete. Or save it until after you remove the mask and then gently massage the extra fluid onto your face. Some people even save it and use it daily (it’s a little secret bonus anti-aging treatment we’re told).

At-Home Spa Experience

Spa visits allow you to relax and enjoy your time. You’re pampered and massaged and luxuriate in a calm, peaceful environment. But at home if you’re chopping, mixing, and then cleaning, that’s the opposite effect. To truly recreate the spa environment at home you need soothing, simple treatments that don’t interfere with the spa experience. Light some candles, turn down the lights, listen to some relaxing music, and then apply your Bel Mondo skin care bio cellulose mask. It’s not messy and it stays put so you can soak in a bath or lounge on the sofa or in your favorite nook and enjoy your time pampering yourself at home. Maybe if you’re lucky, your significant other will also offer a body massage or a foot massage to complete your at home spa experience.

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