sheet masks for skin over 40

Why sheet masks are especially good for you after you turn 40

By: bmbAdmin | 8 Jul 2016

We are constantly reminded of how our bodies change as we get older. Not only do we age just by virtue of the years passing, but the longer we’re alive, the more we are exposed to environmental factors – pollution, the sun, etc. – that cause even more damage to our bodies, and especially our skin.

Is it all downhill after age 25?

Aging is a privilege denied to many, so it’s always best to remember that. But it’s true that aging starts to accelerate after the age of 25 or so. The collagen levels in our skin begin to diminish – slowly at first, at about 1% per year. After the age of 40, however, those collagen levels begin decreasing more rapidly.

In addition, after the age of 40, our skin may more readily show the signs of damage caused by UV rays, etc.

Peptides are important in order to help increase skin collagen, and antioxidants are important to mitigate environmental damage – to repair previous damage and protect skin from future damage.

Moisture and peptides and antioxidants – oh my!

There are plenty of anti-aging products on the market, and some of them are wonderful and should absolutely be a part of your skin care regimen. But there’s a reason sheet masks are immensely popular in Korea – and becoming increasingly popular among those “in the know” in the United States.

A sheet mask delivers a more intense treatment than a typical cream, lotion, or serum. Bel Mondo’s Bio Cellulose Anti-aging sheet mask is made from pure microbial cellulose, tightly woven to adhere to the skin – almost like a second skin. This material is uniquely capable of intense hydration – and efficiently and effectively transfers advanced peptides and powerful antioxidants to help smooth and firm skin and restore radiance – a must for over-40 skin.

Add a Bel Mondo mask to your over-40 skin care routine

You may already have a skin care regimen you love. Adding a Bel Mondo sheet mask once or twice per week can amp up your moisture and antioxidant protection, while also providing an “at-home spa” experience. Your skin will thank you.

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