When is it time to use a Bel Mondo Calming Facial Sheet Mask?

When is it time to use a Bel Mondo Calming Facial Sheet Mask?

By: bmbAdmin | 29 Sep 2014

Maybe you have a sunburn. Or maybe your face has broken out for the first time in years. Perhaps you’ve recently tried a new skin care product that’s left your skin dry an/or irritated.

Bio cellulose calming facial sheet mask contains ingredients to soothe and heal

Made from all-natural bio cellulose and infused with soothing anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial ingredients to reduce irritation and comfort skin.

In addition to soothing irritated skin, Bel Mondo’s calming masks provide additional moisture to keep skin soft, smooth, and well-hydrated.

Sunburn, acne, eczema, etc.

The best thing about Bel Mondo’s calming masks is that they can be used by most everyone. A quick review of the ingredients in this calming mask reveals emollients, anti-inflammatories, anti-bacterial agents, anti-irritants, antioxidants, and other beneficial ingredients for the skin.

Try a calming mask today, and give your sensitive skin some relief.

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