What’s the best beauty mask of 2011?

By: bmbAdmin | 30 Dec 2011

Beauty masks are incredibly popular in Asia. They’ve been used for centuries to maintain the porcelain complexion sought after by so many. Now they’re becoming a terrific alternative to spa facials. Beauty masks are easy to apply at home or on-the-go and offer moisturizing along with infusing your skin with beneficial ingredients. Masks in Asian countries range in quality and price. At the low end you’ll find paper and cotton fabric masks for only a few dollars each with the top end that uses bio cellulose and includes very potent ingredients costing twenty dollars or more each.

If you want the best beauty mask, look for bio cellulose masks!

Bio cellulose is a natural material, that can hold 100s of times its own weight in water. It’s tight micro-fiber nature, and hydrophilic properties makes it uniquely suited to deliver or absorb moisture to create an equilibrium of hydration. It’s why it’s widely used in wound and burn care – it can maintain the proper moisture levels when used as a bandage on severely damaged skin.

This super hydration translates into the perfect beauty mask material. It super hydrates and adheres closely to the skin when worn. By maintaining a super moist, close contact with the skin, the pores on your face naturally open. This allows the moisture in and along with it all the wonderful ingredients that have been added to the beauty masks. Ingredients can brighten and lighten complexions, offer anti-aging benefits, or help replenish and restore skin with powerful antioxidants.

The best beauty mask is a Bel Mondo Beauty Bio Cellulose Mask

There may be other bio cellulose masks on the market but Bel Mondo masks use thicker bio cellulose material that’s a medical-grade cellulose. The thicker material offers superior hydration and is capable of holding more of our carefully selected ingredients. The quality of the mask also improves its adhesion during use which in turn helps deliver more ingredients more deeply.

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