What Should I Look for in a Facial Sheet Mask?

What Should I Look for in a Facial Sheet Mask?

By: bmbAdmin | 2 Apr 2015

Sheet masks are one of the hottest beauty trends. But all sheet masks are not created equal. To make sure you’re getting the best bang for your beauty buck, there are certain things you should look for in a sheet mask.

Make sure the mask is high quality 

Are you going to pay a little more for a better quality mask? Yes, and with good reason. Some cheaper masks are made with materials such as fiber and pulp giving them a rougher feel. Fiber and pulp masks also lack the ability to hold moisture for long… meaning that the precious skin care ingredients will evaporate from the mask quickly, leaving less time for your skin to reap the benefits. Hydro-gel masks are a bit better at keeping the ingredients in contact with your skin, but they still (like the fiber and pulp masks) don’t fit well to the contours of your face. Plus, hydro-gel masks are thin and prone to tearing.

Bio Cellulose is the perfect material for a facial sheet mask 

Skin care experts and biochemists consider masks woven from bio cellulose – an all natural fiber – to be the gold standard for hydrating and treating skin. Not only does the bio cellulose fabric adhere tightly to the contours of the face, allowing the efficient transfer of the skin care ingredients, but the masks hold the moisture for a very long time. Bio cellulose sheet masks are very strong and feel like a cool gel on your skin. Plus, bio cellulose is all-natural and biodegradable.

Make sure you’re getting high-quality skin care ingredients 

Just as important as the material of your mask is the cosmetic ingredients it contains. Do your research and know your skin type so you can choose the mask that best suits your needs. Some mask companies will overwhelm you with choices – promising everything from hydration to a rosy glow. Check your ingredients and make sure you’re getting advanced skin care that will give you the results you desire.

Can my sheet mask be more than just another part of your skin care regimen? 

At Bel Mondo, we answer that question with a resounding “Yes!” Our bio cellulose facial sheet masks are produced naturally, through advanced microbial processes, and are infused with proven-effective ingredients. But the best thing about Bel Mondo’s masks is that they offer a spa-like treatment at home or on the go. Even if you can’t splurge for a spa facial, a Bel Mondo mask is an affordable way to give yourself a relaxing spa treatment and great skin care – all in a 20-minute application.

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