What is the best time of day to moisturize?

What is the best time of day to moisturize?

By: bmbAdmin | 25 Jul 2012

There is no simple answer as to the best time of day is to moisturize, but we do know for sure that moisturizing is a very important step to keeping our skin healthy. What we know for a fact is that the best time to apply a moisturizer is after bathing – while our skin is still holding some of the water from bathing. We also know that, during the day, we should wear a sunblock to keep harmful UV rays from damaging our skin.

So then is the morning the best time to moisturize?

Naturally, you might assume that the morning is best. But the answer isn’t as simple as that. If your bathing habits have you washing at night before you go to bed, you will want to capitalize on moisturizing your skin while it is still damp from bathing/washing. Also, moisturizer that contains sun block may give up certain moisturizing qualities in order to accommodate the sun-protective ingredient(s).

What about moisturizing at night?

There are two schools of thought on moisturizing at night. The first says the best time to moisturize is at night, while your skin is doing the most renewing and regenerating, and it isn’t being affected by the environment. The thought is that moisturizing and treating your skin at night will make it easier for the skin to repair any damage. This, in turn, helps the products you are using at night to be more effective.

The second, spearheaded by Dr. Haushka, says that might not be the best idea. Some skin-care experts agrees that when you sleep you skin is hard at work repairing and getting rid of impurities. However, these experts advise that regular application of nighttime moisturizers can interfere with this natural process, and over time your skin will becomes less able to care for itself.

What if I moisturize both day and night?

There is no hard evidence to say that moisturizing both day and night is a bad thing; however, you need to consider that over-moisturizing can have an adverse affect on your skin’s normal functions. So it is important to be in touch with your skin. Experiment with different schedules and products to find what works for you. Every human being is different so there is no one definitive answer to this question. If you are diligent, you will find the right balance.

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