What is the appeal of an at-home spa treatment?

By: bmbAdmin | 29 Mar 2016

Most, if not all, women like to feel pampered; to devote even just a little time to themselves in the service of relaxation and/or beautification. For many years, being pampered meant a trip to the salon and/or spa. To get a massage or a facial – or even a simple manicure – was a treat. And unless you had a lot of disposable income, that treat was rare.

The wellness industry has changed our ideas about being pampered

In the past few decades, there has been a shift to focus on wellness – an optimal state of health of an individual or group. Wellness encompasses a lot of things, from healthy eating and exercise, to proper sleep – and, yes, even “pampering.” While many felt that massages, facials and other typical “spa” treatments were simply indulgences for those who could afford them, it turns out they were beneficial to one’s overall wellness – and demand for those services became greater.

Most of us can’t afford spa treatments on a regular basis. That’s where at-home spa treatments come in.

Let’s face it; unless you’re wealthy, you’re probably not scheduling yourself a spa day once a week. Some of us might be lucky to get to the salon (let alone the spa) two or three times a year – so while we know the benefits of those massages and facials, the cost can be a factor. And that’s why “at-home spa” treatments have become a popular alternative.

What, exactly, does “at-home spa” mean?

While there is no exact definition for an “at-home spa treatment” a good rule of thumb is any treatment you can do at home that benefits both body and overall mind & spirit. If you’re exfoliating in the bathroom while your toddler runs around throwing grape juice at you – that’s not exactly an at-home spa treatment (unless that sounds blissful to you). But, if you can take your time with a good-quality exfoliant which feels great on your skin, all while getting some time to yourself – maybe listening to some relaxing music and enjoying and experiencing the moment… that would be considered an at-home spa treatment. And at-home spa treatments are becoming more and more popular among time-crunched, cash-strapped women – and men.

Bel Mondo is a big proponent of the at-home spa treatment

When Bel Mondo masks were originally being formulated, we knew they would be the best bio cellulose facial masks available. But in addition to providing spa-quality skin care, we knew they had to provide a spa-quality experience as well. Our masks are designed to pamper you – as well as your skin. When you’re wearing a Bel Mondo mask, you can feel the soothing, cooling, and healing. A 20-minute Bel Mondo Sheet Mask treatment is a time-effective, cost-effective way to have a spa experience in your own home.

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