What is so special about Biocellulose facial masks?

What is so special about bio cellulose sheet masks?

By: bmbAdmin | 23 Apr 2018

We’re often asked what makes our bio cellulose masks special? The answer: the advanced technology behind the fabric.

The majority of facial masks marketed today feature fabrics made from wood pulp or coarse fibers. These masks are mass manufactured. 

Bel Mondo’s bio cellulose masks are produced — in a highly-controlled laboratory environment — by an industrious strain of bacteria called Acetobacter Xylinum. When fed specific substrates, like sugar, this amazing bacteria is able to weave ribbons (or fabrics) of pure bio cellulose that is harvested for cosmetic application.

It may be helpful to think of bio cellulose as cellulose on steroids. Bio cellulose fibers are four times stronger than plant-based cellulose and are able to attract and retain fluid in great capacity. And bio cellulose fibers can be grown to have longer lengths than plant cellulose fibers, which permits them to be woven into tight, 3-dimensional fabrics. Pretty cool stuff. All without the adverse effects of chemical processes at any point in their production.

Your Word for the Day: Hydrophilic

One of the most beneficial properties of bio cellulose is its hydrophilicity — the affinity to attract water (each fiber can retain up to 100 times its dry weight in water). This makes our mask fabrics pliable and able to adhere to your skin very tightly, like an occlusive dressing. When you touch a bio cellulose mask fabric it is extremely moist, and when you apply one it will quickly deliver a refreshing, cool sensation to your skin. It feels great and really enables you to relax.

Another notable difference between our bio cellulose fabric and other mask fabrics is this: it adheres so well that it gives you complete freedom to move about and do just about anything. And we mean anything.

And when a mask adheres better, it performs better — transferring skin care ingredients efficiently so that results are visible after just one application.

Last, but not least, what really sets bio cellulose apart in the sheet mask category is its acceptance by skin care professionals. Estheticians value the ability of bio cellulose to thoroughly calm and soothe skin, so they use our masks as add-ons to many of the popular skin resurfacing services they offer, from microdermabrasion to micro needling.

Your skin deserves bio cellulose.

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    • Gerry Turnbull 8 months ago

      1 treatment made a big difference in my appearance.
      My facial skin appeared firmer and the lines on my face, big and small were diminished in size.

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