What can a facial mask do for you?

What can a facial mask do for you?

By: bmbAdmin | 22 Aug 2011

Besides the obvious skin benefits: hydration, infusing of key ingredients, a facial mask can help your overall health. 

A facial mask helping your health…sound like a bold claim? It’s not.

Essentially when you spend a little time pampering yourself, say 20 minutes with an at-home facial, you’re relieving stress. You’re relaxing and as you reduce your stress levels, the harmful hormone cortisol subsides. Cortisol is a nasty hormone we all produce when stressed. And it’s been linked to all sorts of negative, long-term health problems, from cardiovascular disease to hair loss. It can effect your metabolism, your energy levels, and of course your skin. So spending 20 minutes per week “destressing” while you treat yourself to a little pampering….well it just might be better for you than you thought.

You also improve your skin too

Let’s not forget that you’re also helping your skin look and feel better. And studies show, people who feel good about themselves, who are attractive, have more self confidence. And when you’re confident you’re able to tackle the world…or at least you feel like you can. But with a Bel Mondo Mask you actually will feel and look better. Your skin will be more hydrated and glowing. It’ll be supple and soft. So don’t be startled when folks comment on how good your complexion looks. It happens.

All these benefits from a simple facial mask and twenty minutes per week. Who would have thought? So enjoy some “me” time and improve your health and confidence. It’s only a mask away.

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