How to apply our bio cellulose facial treatment mask

Discover how easy it is to apply a Bel Mondo Beauty & Skin Care bio cellulose mask. After cleansing your face, remove the mask from foil packet. The mask has three layers. Unfold and separate the bio cellulose layer. It's the middle layer. Hold the mask in front of you aligning the eyes, nose, and mouth openings. Begin smoothing the mask. You can lift and reposition as necessary. Don't worry about tearing the bio cellulose material it's very durable. Use the two slits on the bottom of the mask to contour the mask to your jaw line. Message air bubbles to the edge of the mask. Once the mask is securely in's time to relax for twenty minutes or more. After 20 minutes, remove and dispose of the mask. If residue remains massage it gently into your skin. The extra serum in the foil pouch can be used for added nourishment.

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