Unusual Skin Care Ingredients

Unusual Skin Care Ingredients

By: bmbAdmin | 26 Aug 2013

Last week, we talked about the “Bird Poop Facial” where clients are paying $180 a visit to have nightingale droppings applied to their skin. Strange, right?

Well, it seems that nightingale poop is just one of the odd ingredients being touted as “the next big thing” in skin care. There are many more “ingredients” used in skin care and spa treatments that are not for the squeamish.

Snake Venom

I am already amazed that people willingly use Botox®. After all, Botox is botulinum toxin, which can cause botulism – a serious and life-threatening illness. And yet, it’s become a mainstream treatment for the prevention of lines and wrinkles. So, does snake venom seem like a logical next step? SYN-AKE is a synthetic version of snake venom developed to the paralyzing effects of a viper’s venom. According to the Sonya Dakar skin clinic website, the venom gently paralyzes the skin, preventing further development of lines and wrinkles.

Bull Semen

Yes, bull semen. In some salons, bull semen is used as a hair treatment to enhance hair’s shine. It’s also an ingredient in some moisturizers.


Anti-aging creams are touting the use of placenta (both human and animal) as a way to make skin look younger. Placenta can accelerate tissue regeneration, and help the body rid itself of toxins, among other things. But the question is… Do you want to put it on your face?


Listed as “Human Fibroblast Conditioned Media” on the ingredients panel, Skin Medica’s TNS Skin Recovery Complex allegedly contains cells from discarded human foreskins. Apparently, though, the company claims it hasn’t “harvested” foreskin in 20+ years, but instead uses cells from a single sample to generate the cells needed.

There are more odd skin care rituals and ingredients, of course. But this abbreviated list just illustrates that we should educate ourselves – not only about what we put IN our bodies, but what we put ON our bodies. I know from now on, I will be checking my ingredients list a bit more carefully.

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