Things Jessica Simpson Should Remember While Losing Her Baby Weight

Things Jessica Simpson Should Remember While Losing Her Baby Weight

By: bmbAdmin | 12 Jul 2012

Jessica Simpson has been in the news lately after giving birth to her daughter Maxwell Drew. The pressure is on for her to lose the 70 lbs that she gained during her pregnancy. She has signed on to Weight Watchers and has a plan with incremental goals for shedding the pounds. But while she’s losing weight, there are a few things she should remember.

Celebrities are under a lot of pressure to maintain their looks. So it’s important that Jessica keep in mind that the pressure to lose weight will add stress, both mentally and physically. In fact, the effects on a body from dieting alone can wreak havoc on your skin and one’s appearance.

Stress and your skin

While we all feel pressure to look our best, celebrities face more pressure to stay looking young and beautiful. So for Jessica’s and everyone’s benefit, I’m going to talk about how stress effects our skin and what can be done.

When a person is stressed it causes the body to produce more of a hormone called cortisol. The increase in this hormone can cause your skin to become oily and cause acne and other related skin conditions. More devastatingly stress has an adverse effect on the skin’s ability to repair itself (As found in a study mentioned in the January 2001 issue of the Archives of Dermatology). Further, the barrier function of the skin becomes compromised causing water loss.

To combat this Jessica should try and relax and make time for herself. A feat that’s almost impossible for a new mother. Additionally she should moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! She should use products that boost the skins ability to repair itself and that aid in relaxation – similar to an at home spa treatment.

Dieting and your skin

Diet has a big effect on our skin’s appearance. Dieting, which is a change in our eating habits, can be a large shock to our system. And when the body under goes shock (stress) it can result adverse effects on our skin. Some of the effects are temporary, like dieters acne until the body adjusts to the new diet.

The other way dieting effects our skin is from the weight loss itself. Fat keeps the skin plump and taunt, so when we lose weight it can cause the skin to sag or slacken. From an appearance and healthy perspective, it’s why losing weight gradually is better – it allows the skin to adjust to the loss and tighten naturally. Of course you can always use skin care products that help to firm and tighten the skin while they also moisturize.

Bottom line is Jessica is a beautiful woman who just gave birth to a beautiful baby. She should take it easy on herself and not rush to meet the goals of anyone else but herself. She should eat right, exercise, and take care of her skin while enjoying being a new mommy. And of course she should get plenty of rest – but as any new mom will tell you – the later is very tough to do.

We wish you the best Jessica, good luck.

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