The Red Carpet Facial...Demystified

The Red Carpet Facial…Demystified

By: bmbAdmin | 20 Mar 2011

Red Carpet Facial (hmmm…sorta a noun, but also sorta a verb) def. A skin care treatment recommended approximately 48 hours prior to a special occasion to enhance, hydrate and brighten one’s complexion. It’s a non-invasive procedure, thus there are no extractions during the treatment, rather the focus is geared towards minimizing fine lines, uneven skin tone and increasing firmness to a person’s face, neck and throat. Priced anywhere from $95 to the sky is the limit depending on the city you reside in.

I’ve completed my fair share of “Red Carpet Facials” to get super model, Beverly Johnson and actresses Jean Smart and Ming Na ready for their TV close ups as they sashay down the press line during award show season. These facials are intended to be, just like a vitamin B-12 shot is to your immune system, a beauty boost to minimize fine lines and dark circles and amp up an overall dull, blah complexion.

One of my tricks I consistently turn to for a bit of “tech support” towards the end of the treatment is a collagen face mask. I load a client’s face, neck and throat up with my favorite serums and then compress the collagen sheet over this facial cocktail and let everything absorb for 20 minutes. When I remove the mask and guide the client over to a mirror, cue the exclamations of delight. Voila, they look like they shed 5 to 10 years of stress, environmental damage and ruddiness!

The benefits of this investment typically last about 3 days and perhaps a bit longer IF the person is diligent with their AM/PM beauty regimen. For years, these sheet masks have been a somewhat well kept secret amongst facialists, but really there’s no reason for us to hoard these masks all to ourselves. They should be used, abused and enjoyed both in professional and home care treatments.

What’s neat about Bel Mondo’s version of these collagen mask is they pre-saturated the masks with all the serums and “fuel,” if you will, you will need to maximize your experience and most importantly your results. So you don’t have to play chemist and try to figure out which of the many lotions and potions that litter your bathroom counter and in which order you should apply them first before applying the Bio Cellulose Mask!

Belmondo tried hard to think of everything and make the process from start to finish one-stop shopping, take the thinking work out of it and I as I like to refer to design “skin care for dummies.” “Dummies” may be a harsh word, but you get the picture. Used weekly, your skin (over a period of time) will leave jaws dropping, with women clamoring to know your secret.

However, always pace yourself with any skin care goal and do what’s realistic for you, your schedule and your budget. Bel Mondo makes the perfect product when you’re having “a moment” and want good old instant gratification at your fingertips. So when you prep your next acceptance or thank you speech for your office holiday party, class reunion, wedding, birthday celebration, graduation or whatever milestone defines your life in the near future, don’t forget to thank your in-house beauty gurus at Bel Mondo for helping put that gorgeous glow on your face.

Stacy Cox, 12 Year Esthetician & TV Beauty/Lifestyle/Fashion Authority

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