The New Skin Care Sensation: Facial Treatment Masks

The New Skin Care Sensation: Facial Treatment Masks

By: bmbAdmin | 2 Nov 2011

The skin care benefits of beauty mask treatments are well established. But often treatment masks involve messy preparation and clean-up afterwards. This detracts from the soothing nature of an at-home spa treatment.

Facial Treatment Masks

A new category of products is quickly gaining popularity among beauty professionals, the glitterati, and skin care product junkies. Facial Treatment Masks consistent of various types of pre-made full sheet masks for facial treatment. Less expensive facial sheet masks use cotton or similar fibers as the substrate while high-end, premium treatment masks use bio cellulose. Bio Cellulose is an organic material incubated and grown in a lab through microbial culture. The benefits of bio cellulose are many, but one of the most important is its ability to hold 100x its dry weight in moisture. This makes bio cellulose treatment masks super hydrating.

Because bio cellulose treatment masks are cultured in a lab and the process takes at least 10 days, before the bio cellulose material can be harvested and turned into mask making material, treatment masks that use bio cellulose tend to cost more. But it’s not only the treatment mask’s material that adds to the price, it’s also the premium cosmeceutical ingredients used in many of the bio cellulose treatment masks. Bel Mondo’s bio cellulose anti-aging treatment mask uses higher concentrationsand larger quantities of truly premium skin care ingredients than othermask developers, assuring your safety and delivering results you can seeand feel.

Skin care professionals see the benefits of bio cellulose treatment masks

Prior to launching our premium line of bio cellulose treatment masks, we sought the advice and opinions of prominent skin care pros. The final Bel Mondo Beauty & Skin Care mask formulations incorporate their guidance and feedback. You’ll even find some of the professionals on our Advisory Board and they continue to provide valuable input into making our treatment masks better and appealing to both skin care professionals and the at-home spa user.

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