The easy home facial mask solution

By: bmbAdmin | 8 May 2011

Creating your own home facial can be challenging and messy. Recipes abound from food-based home facial masks to clay and wax based facial masks. But all of them require ingredient purchase, preparation, mixing, and then clean-up.

Bel Mondo Beauty Home Facial Masks make home facials easy

What could be simpler than opening a foil packet, peeling off a layer, and applying the bio cellulose mask to your face. That’s it. No trip to the store. No pureeing ingredients before use. It’s simply open, apply, relax. And the bio cellulose is super saturated and infused with the latest antioxidants and cosmeceutical anti-aging ingredients. You won’t get that by spreading eggs and cucumbers on your face.

A box of Bel Mondo Masks makes the perfect gift idea

It’s why this past mother’s day I gave my mom a box of Bel Mondo Beauty masks. She’s always been one to enjoy a spa day, and she loves her facials. But she also likes to pamper herself at home. But after visiting her one morning a few weeks ago, she startled me with a drippy green face – it was a avocado mud mask she used her food processor to make. She’d seen the recipe in a magazine and thought she’d try it. Well after I stopped laughing and my mother returned from the bathroom after scrubbing off her avocado mess I asked her, how long did it take to do that? She replied she went to the store yesterday, bought a half dozen avocados, sliced and pitted the avocado, which was very difficult, and then put them in the fridge. Then this morning, she put the pieces in her food processor and then scooped the results into a bowl. She had to let it warm up because they were still cold. But finally she moved to the bathroom and applied her mask. Of course I checked out the bathroom and there were blobs of Avocado mess everywhere. 

I asked, “and this was relaxing like your trips to the spa?”  To which she replied no, not really. But it’s suppose to be good for your skin and it’s all natural. Well I told her about Bel Mondo and described what bio cellulose is – it’s all natural – it’s actually grown.  And the ingredients are all cutting-edge and medical grade. It comes in a sterile foil pouch so it’s clean and not messy. Then I promised her I’d help her improve her home facial mask experience. 

So as I said, this past Mother’s Day I bought her a box of Bel Mondo Facial Masks. Now she can do the home facial mask thing without the trip to the supermarket and the avocado mess. She tried one that day and loved it. Especially because she was able to take it off and put it back on when my brother dropped in to visit and wish her a happy Mother’s Day. She didn’t have to run to the bathroom to scrub her face clean. And she loved it too. After reapplying it, she relaxed on the back porch while my father did some yard work. I guess it’s good to be a mom on Mother’s Day.  I was happy because she liked my gift and that she wouldn’t scare me again the next time she gives herself a home facial treatment. The only downside, apparently now, I have to get Mom a box of Bel Mondo Masks for every holiday. 

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