The benefits of a facial sheet mask versus a traditional at-home spa masks

By: bmbAdmin | 21 Mar 2011

There are lots of do-it-yourself home facial masks on the market. You can purchase pre-mixed masks or search the internet for at-home mask recipes. But all liquid or mud masks suffer in comparison to pre-packaged sheet masks.

Most jar or self-made masks are messy and time consuming

Over the counter masks usually come in two forms pre-mixed masks in a jar or tube or powdered ingredients you’re required to mix with water. Or you can search online and concoct a recipe for your own mask too. But both of these solutions require setup, application, and clean-up time. Regardless of type or the mask’s effectiveness the spa-like pampering is diminished. Any use of mud, clay, or jar masks need to be planned and sacrifice relaxation. Some mud masks also dry your skin and require additional steps to remove the residue. And most mud and clay masks require some form of after-mask moisturizing step. These types of masks certainly don’t recreate the luxurious spa treatment you desire.

Bio cellulose facial sheet masks make it simple and convenient

When you’re at a spa your only task is to relax and enjoy the experience and the benefits of the treatment. With a facial sheet mask It can be the same at home. Sheet masks come prepackaged in foil pouches to keep them moist and sterile. Use and application is easy and effortless. Tear open the foil, remove the mask, unfold, remove the carrier and apply to your face. In only a few seconds you’re enjoying your at-home facial.

From the moment you first apply the mask you’ll notice several differences and advantages. Bio cellulose face masks are super hydrated – they’re literally drenched – and heavily infused with ingredients. During the 20 or more minutes of use they maintain a tight seal to your face insuring deep penetration of moisture and ingredients. Your skin will feel cool and perhaps tingly as the mask does it job. But best of all, there’s no fuss or mess before, during, or after. You can even walk around, reposition, or remove and replace the mask if you have to answer your front door.

Apply, relax, enjoy

Unlike the other types of masks, that required preparation or sloppy application or clean-up, full face sheet masks go on easily and quickly and begin working instantly. You apply and then relax. Soak in a tub, lie on your couch listening to music, or simply watch television. Because there’s no effort required you can dive right into that spa facial enjoyment. The time is yours to decompress, to unwind, or to simply enjoy a twenty minutes of pampering.

So the next time you’re looking for an at-home spa facial experience, skip the mud, clay, and jars and reach for a Bel Mondo Beauty bio cellulose facial sheet mask. You’ll be enjoying the benefits and relaxing in seconds.

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