The Asian Beauty Secret of Full Facial Sheet Masks Invades America

By: bmbAdmin | 16 Oct 2011

If you read the beauty blogs and follow celebrity gossip you might notice more and more stars are wearing facial masks. Their photos on Twitter and Facebook might look scary, but they’re really the early adopters of a long-time Asian Beauty Secret.

What do Cher, Demi Moore, Jamie Chung, Jennifer Lopez and other stars have in common?

They’ve all been seen or admitted to using full face sheet masks as part of their beauty regimens. Some have Tweeted pictures of themselves, looking less than glamorous, wearing the facial masks. Others have spoken about it in interviews. But more and more of the glitterati are discovering the age-old secret of full facial sheet masks. 

Popular in Asia, Full Sheet Facial Masks, are invading America

Long a staple of the Asian culture – facial masks are quickly becoming the hot new beauty secret in the United States. Visit any Asian market and you’ll find dozens of low-end, cheap sheet masks. Usually made of woven cotton moistened with fluids they’re cheap for a reason. But for true, benefits, the stars are using high-end beauty masks to keep their youthful appearance and healthy glows.

High-end spas and elite beauty companies now offer premium facial sheet masks.

Bel Mondo Masks use bio cellulose, a bio engineered, natural fiber mesh cultured in a lab. Our sheet masks are then pasteurized and infused with cutting-edge skin care ingredients. The result when you wear a Bel Mondo Bio Cellulose Mask – super hydration and a deep infusion of moisture and helpful skin care ingredients that produce the effect of a top-level spa facial in only twenty minutes. Your skin is left glowing and radiant.

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