Take off the ski mask and put on a sheet mask

Take off the ski mask and put on a sheet mask

By: bmbAdmin | 14 Dec 2015

Winter and snowy weather bring an opportunity to do all the things you can’t do in warmer weather: ski, snowboard, build snowmen, etc. But spending a long time out in the cold can take its toll on your skin.

A Bel Mondo mask can help “undo” skin damage from the colder temperatures

Cold winter air doesn’t hold water (humidity) like warm summer air does; that’s why your skin tends to be drier, and lips get chapped in the winter. And when you add in strenuous outdoor activity – like shoveling snow, skiing, etc. – the drying effects of winter air are intensified.

That’s why a Bel Mondo Ultra-Hydrating Mask or Calming Mask can be a great idea after spending time on the slopes – or even just shoveling the front walk. Your skin can lose a lot of hydration in the cold air, especially if the wind is blowing. Skin can become dry, red, chapped, and irritated from cold winter air. Bel Mondo masks are specially designed and formulated to deliver intense hydration, and allow our calming ingredients to penetrate and “heal” the skin.

An added benefit: Bel Mondo masks offer a spa-like experience

In addition to the awesome facial skin care a Bel Mondo mask can provide, they deliver a true spa-quality experience. Relaxing with a Bel Mondo facial sheet mask for 20 minutes (or longer, as our masks retain their moisture far longer than 20 minutes) can calm more than just your skin. Bel Mondo’s sheet masks can reduce fatigue, and help you relax.

If you’re at a high-quality ski resort with a first-class spa, by all means, take advantage of that spa. But if you’re making snowmen in the backyard with your kids – or a day at the spa simply isn’t in your budget (time-wise or financially), you can pamper yourself (and your skin!) in your own home with a Bel Mondo mask.

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