Your clients deserve skin care’s best facial treatment masks

Bel Mondo Beauty’s premium facial treatment masks bring special benefits to skin care. Spa and beauty professionals worldwide are introducing our advanced bio cellulose masks into a variety of services, and loving the results.

An Easy Add-On for Express and Custom Facials

Bel Mondo’s treatment masks can make an ordinary facial seem like an indulgent experience.  Infused with premium skin care ingredients, our masks take only 30 seconds to set-up. They hydrate skin intensely and create radiant complexions that clients crave.

Smart Post-Care Therapy for Medical Spa Treatments

Bel Mondo masks calm and soothe skin thoroughly, making them perfect recovery aids to peels, microdermabrasions, and other skin resurfacing procedures that can create inflammation and redness. They seal tightly to skin without drying out, making them ideal fabrics for locking in serums.

The Perfect Primer for Makeup Application

Bel Mondo masks create a soft, supple skin palette that permits makeup to glide on smoothly and look flawless. They make the perfect primer before life’s special events and red-carpet moments.

Retail Opportunities: DIY and Travel

Bel Mondo masks are convenient to use at home and their slender packaging makes them easy to take on the road. Clients can purchase masks for weekly use to extend professional services, or use them when traveling for an instant beauty boost.

Our Mask Line Features Pure Bio Cellulose

Bio cellulose is an incredible all-natural material, developed initially for medical applications. Durable and resilient, it excels at retaining and transferring fluids and has a natural affinity to bind to skin. Bel Mondo Beauty leveraged the unique physical properties of bio cellulose to make the ultimate facial sheet masks, appropriate for use in the finest spas and salons.


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