Spa skin care: purity and quality are a priority

Spa skin care: purity and quality are a priority

By: bmbAdmin | 30 Dec 2014

The word “spa” conjures different images for different people. Some think of a spa as a place to be pampered – maybe get a massage and have your hair, nails, and makeup done.

Others think of a spa and immediately think of cucumber water and detox teas, and new age music – things that balance their minds and bodies.

In the past, these images may have come from two different places. But spas are increasingly becoming places that blend these two concepts in order to offer their clientele a complete mind, body, spirit, soul, and beauty experience.

Spa skin care: pure, pampering, powerful

Spa clients are becoming more savvy, and they want to get the most from their experience (and for their dollars!) When it comes to skin care, they want high quality, proven-effective ingredients. And they want purity. Paraben-free and silicone-free (and even gluten-free) are a must when it comes to spa skin care products. And organic/eco-friendly is always a plus as well.

Bel Mondo Bio Cellulose Masks are perfect for spa skin care

Bio cellulose is sterile, toxin free, and extraordinarily pure. Cellulose derived from the cell walls of ordinary plants contains coarse polymers like lignin and hemicelluloses; these polymers are not present in bio cellulose. Bel Mondo infuses this pure bio cellulose with proven-effective ingredients for convenient, easy-to-use masks that can be applied by a professional at a spa, or by anyone wanting to be pampered in their own home.

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