Solve skin dryness with super hydration

Solve skin dryness with super hydration

By: bmbAdmin | 27 Feb 2013

One of the problems you encounter when living in the North Eastern U.S. during the winter is dry skin due to forced air heat. Of course all heat is drying to your skin, but forced air heat seems to be the worst. My home has forced air heat and during the fall and winter my skin and my face shows the effects. Dry, flaky skin that’s worse than normal.

I’ve tried all types of moisturizers. Expensive ones. Cheap ones. Super oily and thick messy “goopy” ones that leave my face stuck to my pillow. But they don’t seem to do the trick. And worse, some irritate my skin and cause break outs. So I’ve mostly given up. I use a simple, gentle night time moisturizer, and apply a day time cream when I wake up. Both fall short to replacing my skin’s moisture, but they don’t cause break outs, and they’re what I had…until….

Bel Mondo Facial Masks to the rescue

Fortunately, to combat my wintertime dry skin, I’ve turned to weekly super hydration with Bel Mondo masks. The unique 100% bio cellulose mask fabric is able to hold 100x it’s weight in moisture. Further, bio cellulose material is hydrophillic, meaning it has the unusual ability to either add or subtract moisture. Of course my skin simply absorbs the moisture – and it takes all the mask can give.

The end result, Bel Mondo masks are super hydrated and super hydrating. I’ve found that one mask per week transforms my dull, dry winter skin. It infuses my skin with the moisture it desperately needs. And it allows my night and day moisturizing creams to work better and it makes them truly effective.

So if you’re like me and suffer dull, dry wintertime skin – consider a weekly bio cellulose mask treatment. It’s worked wonders. And even if you’re not living in the North East, if your skin is dry and sullen a 100% bio cellulose Bel Mondo Mask will do wonders for your complexion.

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