Sleepover skin care

Sleepover skin care

By: bmbAdmin | 15 Sep 2015

Preteen sleepovers can be tons of fun. Movies, music, maybe a few pranks, and not a whole lot of sleep. Maybe your preteen is into beauty and/or makeup. A Bel Mondo sheet mask can add to the fun!

Funny-looking mask, excellent skin care

It’s never too early to learn to take care of your skin. While you never want to instill a fear of aging into a preteen or teenager, it’s still a good idea to get them into the habit of being kind to their skin.

A Bel Mondo mask is a great way to lead teens and preteens into quality skin care. They can get a little silly with their friends while wearing a bio cellulose mask that looks a little unusual. At the same time, they get a little taste of a pampering spa experience. But the best part is how great their skin will feel after using the mask.

Undo the damage of a night of pizza, soda, candy, and experimenting with makeup

Sleepovers are a time to indulge – junk food, crazy makeup, and silliness with friends are a big part of the sleepover experience. But that junk food and makeup experimentation can take a toll on sensitive adolescent skin.

Bel Mondo masks are all-natural and safe for all skin types. So you need not worry about your preteen or teenager indulging in a sheet mask treatment. Best of all, the masks are individually-wrapped, and there’s no mess. Simply remove the mask from the pouch, smooth the material over the face, and relax (or dance around – it is a sleepover, after all). When it’s time to take the mask off (don’t worry if they’re left on for hours – the masks hold their moisture and can be left on well beyond the suggested 20 minutes), simply peel it off and throw it away.

Whether it’s a slumber party for a 12 year old, or a get together among 40-somethings, Bel Mondo masks can be a great way to relax – and point and laugh and take selfies with your friends in their masks!

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