Skin Care’s Jamba Juice Theory UNMASKED!

By: bmbAdmin | 19 Mar 2011

By The Numbers:

60: Skin has the ability to absorb 60% of what is placed on the epidermis (top layer)

20: The number of minutes and dollars you will need to invest in yourself to receive a renewed and improved complexion using a Bel Mondo Bio Cellulose Mask. 

$85: The average cost of an hour-long facial in the U.S.

 $3.95: The average national cost of one gallon of gas (for those trips to the spa)

If I had a dime for every client, over my 12 years in practice, that was eager to know the least line of resistance to a radiant complexion, I would have long since been able to retire. I coined what clients are in search of as the “Jamba Juice Theory”. Just like everyone values purchasing a smoothie for under $5 dollars in bright, cheerful Styrofoam cup that contains a drink loaded with a day’s worth of vitamins, minerals and nutrients, people want to know what the equivalent might be in the beauty sector that they can harness to make their complexions glow.

And after completing over 14,000 facial treatments, I am convinced the “wow factor” lies in discovering the right mask for your skin type. I have been colleagues of the Bel Mondo team for 6 years and counting. I knew them when the idea for innovating the technology behind these masks was just a dream, a goal they hoped to achieve. And oh how we have talked and batted around the topic “What really works? What really has the power to deliver client’s complexions immediate results?” When you sit calmly and break apart the steps of a facial and what each step accomplishes, there’s no denying how effective and powerful the mask step is. I feel like it’s your “Jamba Juice” or rather your “meal-in-a-cup” for your face. In the case of Bel Mondo masks, your pores are infused with peptides (the building blocks of collagen necessary to support our skin’s tone and resilience), hyaluronic acid (one of my favorite, but generally more expensive anti-aging ingredients) and licorice extract (skin lightening ingredient, helps to even out skin tone) but the retail price for this instant face fix won’t set back your child’s college tuition.

And that to me is the big challenge with regard to skin care: how do you get quality results and premium ingredients packed into a product that delivers what every person wants — valued filled instant gratification. So Bel Mondo carefully and thoughtfully took on this challenge and the results knocked my “DSC” off (that stands for Dead Skin Cells and it’s my equivalent of knocking my socks off). $20 dollars, 20 minutes, 1 mask, no pre-mixing steps, something you can toss in your gym bag, purse or suitcase if you need to be mobile and leave the comfort of your home. These masks have “range” across all the categories I consider essential in the retail skin care world:

  • Affordable
  • Easy & efficient to apply
  • Premium ingredients
  • Immediate results/instant gratification
  • Easy to tote around and travel with
  • Excellent alternative to a professional facial

This is “smart skin care” personified and it will be interesting to watch Bel Mondo evolve over the coming months and next couple of years to see what new innovations they add to the collection of products to elevate our complexions, minimize our fine lines and I think somewhere in all of this comes enhancing our self image and self confidence too. We all love a little retail therapy, but I think there’s a lot more “therapy” infused into these masks then we realize at the outset. However at $20 dollar it’s the best and most affordable therapy I’ve ever experienced. Take that Freud!

Stacy Cox, 12 Year Esthetician & TV Beauty/Lifestyle/Fashion Authority 

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