Skin care moisture tips

Skin care moisture tips

By: bmbAdmin | 5 Sep 2011

Keeping your skin healthy and young looking is helped by keeping it hydrated. Dry skin shows fine lines and wrinkles and can be flaky and can make you look older. So proper skin moisturizing is essential – especially as we start to enter the dryer, winter months in the Northeast.

Some skin care moisturizing tips

1. Drink plenty of water

This goes without saying and is good for your body overall. Keeping the body well hydrated helps your skin in many ways. Waste products are flushed from your system and every organ will function better. Your skin is your largest organ so it does better when it’s kept hydrated. Moisturized skin is plumper, smoother, and will look and feel better. So drink plenty of water, especially when the forced air heat kicks on this fall and winter.

2. Shower or bathe daily

Here’s the key to bathing every day, keep your showers short and use warm water, not hot. Long hot showers can actually dry out the skin as it removes natural oils. Also use a mild cleanser or natural soap – avoid heavy fragrances or harsh soaps. And for an extra moisture boost, keep your bathroom door closed while you shower and let the room fill with healthy moisture/humidity. And of course, apply moisturizer right after patting yourself dry – before your pores close up again.

3. Moisturize day and night

Get into the habit of using a moisturizer in the morning and at night before bed. At night you can even use a heavier cream or lotion, since you’ll be sleeping while it absorbs. And if you feel your skin getting dry during the day, but all means, apply some moisturizer.

4. Read ingredients on skin care products

This is especially true on some anti-aging products, since some contain alpha-hydroxy acid or retinoids that can irritate or dry the skin. It’s best to use mositurizers designed to relieve dry skin that are meant for daily use.

5. Use a humidifier

This is a terrific idea especially in the cold, dry winter months when many of us are huddle in our homes with dry, forced air heating. Air can become very dry and wick away the moisture in your skin. Running a humidifier can really help, even if you only do it while you sleep.

6. Wear sunscreen

Yes, even during the winter months it’s important to wear sun screen. Maybe you’ll only need it on your face and hands (unless you’re a member of the polar bear club) but the sun can still damage your skin even during the fall and winter. So use sunscreen all year long.

Pamper yourself with a Bel Mondo Bio Cellulose Mask

Of course one of the best ways to help moisturize your face is to pamper yourself with a Bel Mondo Facial Mask. Our masks are super hydrating while also soothing to your skin. Plus twenty minutes of relaxation as you give yourself an at-home facial will do wonders for your mind and body – and leave your face looking great.

So don’t neglect your skin this coming fall and winter and moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!

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