Skin care habits that may be harming your skin

Skin care habits that may be harming your skin

By: bmbAdmin | 6 Apr 2014

Skin care can be tricky. There are so many cleansers, creams, exfoliants, masks, etc. to choose from, plus there are tons of beauty magazines, blogs, and “experts” giving us the latest “must-have” or “must-do” beauty trend. It can be overwhelming, especially when you’re following what you believe to be the best advice, and your skin is not improving.

Ways you are hurting your skin

Some co-called “conventional” wisdom can actually be harmful when it comes to caring for your skin. Here are some common skin care mistakes that could be sabotaging your skin care routine:

Too much of a “good thing”

You may think that “if a little is good, even more will be better.” This is not usually the case when it comes to skin care products. Retinols, Alpha Hydroxy Acids, and even intense moisturizers can actually damage the skin if you use more than recommended. Especially if you are using any prescription skin care products such as acne medication or skin lighteners. The directions are there for good reason – follow them.

Pain does NOT equal gain (at least not when it comes to skin care)

Overscrubbing, excessive skin peels, or any type of irritation is not good for the skin. If a beauty product or process causes pain, redness, or any other type of irritation, it’s likely doing more harm than good. NO-NOs include: washing with scalding hot water, harsh ingredients, and frequent skin peels (mild skin peels should be done every 1-2 months, with deeper peels done once per year).

Long showers or baths

Luxuriating in the shower or the bathtub may relax you, but it isn’t doing your skin any favors. In fact, when your skin gets “pruny,” it is an indication that the top layers of your skin are experiencing damage.

Your skin doesn’t need to be “squeaky clean”

It may seem like a good idea to deep clean your skin. But it’s important to know what it means to be “too clean.” Skin needs moisture and some natural oils to remain healthy. Keep skin clean, but don’t go overboard.

A suntan IS skin damage

Yes, there is still something appealing about that sun-kissed, bronzed look of summer. But if you are getting a tan via the sun or a tanning bed, that tan is simply showing skin damage. It may look great now, but you will pay for it later. Always, always, always use sunscreen (even on overcast days and in the colder months). And if you really want that “bronzed” look, try a sunless tanning lotion or cream to get that glow.

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