Skin Care for Men

Skin Care for Men

By: bmbAdmin | 7 Jan 2013

It used to be that a man taking any self interest in thier looks was considered not manly, but within the last 15 years the attitudes and thoughts on this subject have taken a complete 180.  And well it should. Men are begining to take better care of themselves whether it be in fashion or body health. Since the skin in the bodies largest organ it makes sense for men to pay close attention to caring for it.

For the most part a skin care regime is the same for a man as a woman. Men should cleans, tone, exfolliate, moisturize and protect from the sun just like women, however there are distinct differences in skin types that they should be aware of when choosing the products to use.

How is a man’s skin different

A man’s skin in general is dirtier then a womens. This is not only relative to the work that they might do, it is because men’s skin has larger pores and facial hair. The larger pores and facial hair collect more dirt and oils and trap them on the face. Another thing to keep in mind is that while woman’s skin is in general more sensative then a man’s, the fact that men shave thier facial hair makes it very important for them to find products which soothe and calm skin irritation. 

Men can benefit greatly by using a skin calming facial mask once in a while. Bel Mondo’s Anti-Aging Bio Cellulose Facial Mask is full of ingriedients which help calm and sooth skin irritation as well as containing ingriedents that moisturize. It’s scent is mild and not too flowery so they can still feel manly after using.

There are many products marketed specifically to men on the market, scent alone is not the only difference. However just because it says its for a man doesn’t make it perfect. You should always be aware of what ingredients do for and to your skin when choosing what to use. With a little trial and error men can find the right products to use in thier skin care regimine.

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