Schedule A Family At-Home Spa Day!

Schedule A Family At-Home Spa Day!

By: bmbAdmin | 27 Dec 2011

Everyone loves to relax. And lounging around in a bathrobe while doing it is even better. So if you have family visiting you for the holidays…or you just want to enjoy an at-home spa experience with your wife, husband, and/or kids – then go for it.

What you’ll need to create your family at-home spa day!

Make sure you have a clean, fluffy robe for everyone. Part of the spa experience is relaxing in a luxurious bathrobe, so you don’t want anyone to miss out. Set the mood with some candles, perhaps some incense, and soothing music. Anything new age is good – but if you’re unsure, try Ray Lynch, Enya, or Kitaro for some tried and true favorites.

Schedule bubble baths or if you have a whirlpool tub that will work too (just avoid adding the bubbles). In between baths, have several types of body lotions, or aroma therapy oils for some at-home pampering.

If one is available, you can use a paraffin wax tub to soothe dry hands and feet. And of course, you can all provide quick back rubs for the others. Or if you’re able, you can schedule an in-home massage therapist for a visit.

Give each other at-home spa facials. You can start with some gentle exfoliation then enjoy giggling at each other while you wear mud masks. Or enjoy some cutting-edge pampering with our bio cellulose masks. They’re a great way to celebrate some spa time at home with the family without having to clean up after a mud-mask fight. If your family is the mud mask fight type of course.

The best part of a family at-home spa day is spending time with your family as you all relax and help each other to unwind. 

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