Scare your pets with Bel Mondo bio cellulose face masks

By: bmbAdmin | 14 Feb 2013

This blog will be a bit more personal than normal, and you’ll gain some insight into me, the author. Usually, as I’m writing my blogs for Bel Mondo I’m also wearing a Bel Mondo mask. They cling tightly so I don’t have to worry about it slipping off…and after you initially put it on, in about a minute or two, any slight dripping subsides. Hey they drip, they’re infused with tons of moisture. But as I said, after a minute or two, I can type on my laptop or iPad without fear.

So as I write I’m wearing my mask, sipping some wine, and sharing skin care tips with the world. However tonight, as I followed my normal routine, ready to write about skin care or our wonderful Bel Mondo masks – a funny thing happened.

I scared my dog

I’m not sure why tonight I appeared so scary. Like I said, I often wear my masks while I write and also enjoy a mask a few times per week. But this evening, as I typed happily on my keyboard, my dog came bounding around the edge of the sofa – spotted me wearing my mask – and immediately started growling and barking and backing away. It startled me. No matter how much I called her, she just kept freaking out.

Finally I walked to my bathroom, removed my mask, placing it onto the foil pouch – I generally save them since the liquid inside is a fabulous anti-aging moisturizer (hint, hint). Then I walked over to my puppy and comforted her. Once she was calm and happy and her tail was wagging. I went back into the bathroom, reapplied the mask, returned to my computer and again scared my dog.

I had to remove the mask and reapply it a few times while she sat in the room and watched me. Finally, she seemed to realize it was me, with or without mask. And she assumed her spot next me.

Why did my Bel Mondo mask scare her tonight? I have no idea. My dog has seen me wear a Bel Mondo mask many times before. She is getting older? Perhaps she’s getting forgetful – aren’t we all? Next time, I’ll just make sure she watches me put on the mask. Or I’ll remove and reapply my mask in front of her if she gets scared again.

So there you have it. Bel Mondo facial masks can be used to scare your dog and other pets I’m sure. I’m not sure if that’s a benefit. But the ability to remove and reapply your Bel Mondo mask certainly is. It’s one I haven’t really considered until now. Even though at times, I’ve removed a mask I’m wearing for a few hours, and reapplied it without a problem later. The super hydrated bio cellulose material simply doesn’t dry out like out paper and plant cellulose masks do. But that’ll be a topic for another blog. One that doesn’t deal with scaring your pets.

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