Relax! Take a bath

Relax! Take a bath

By: bmbAdmin | 19 Jan 2012

When I need some “me time” I jump in the tub….

When my day gets over bearing or I’m feeling down… now I scamper away to my bathroom and draw myself a hot bath. And no, I don’t simply jump into the bath, splish splash…. I make it an event. I have special bath-only towels, a fluffy white robe, and assorted scented candles. First I dim the lights in my bathroom, light some candles, and start the tub filling. Sometimes I’ll add some bath salts or bubble bath, but not always. Sometimes I simply like to soak in a warm bath.  I put on some classical music on a small radio (that’s far away from the tub) and grab myself a glass of wine – usually red. It’s a ritual with me now.


The last step before jumping in the tub – I put on a Bel Mondo Facial Sheet Mask

The last thing I do before slowly lowering myself into a luxuriously warm bath is to apply a facial sheet mask. And yes, I prefer a Bel Mondo Bio Cellulose Mask (yes I’m biased). Then I slip into my tub, prop my head with a little bath pillow I bought myself, and soak in the healing wonders of bath time. Sure, every so often I have to interrupt my serenity to turn on the faucet with my toes – unfortunately my fiberglass tub allows the water to chill too quickly. Which is a reminder to myself to get a cast iron tub or a heated tub when I remodel someday. But that’s a different subject.

I can feel the stress and seasonal depression wash away

As  I recline in my tub wearing my Bel Mondo Facial Mask sipping wine I’m transformed. With each pruney finger wrinkle I’m reinvigorated and revitalized. It’s a wonderful thing. And best of all, my face mask helps to keep me cool as I soak (I like the water very hot). The cool feeling of the bio cellulose keeps me comfortable no matter how hot I make my bath. It’s why my mask is a crucial part of bath time. Well that and the great effect it has on my skin.

So the next time you’re feeling run down, overwhelmed, or stressed out – relax. Take a bath. And make your bath an event. You’re not simply cleaning yourself – you’re washing your spirit. Happy bathing!

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