Put your best face forward this summer - 5 tips for summer skin care

Put your best face forward this summer – 5 tips for summer skin care

By: bmbAdmin | 25 Jun 2011

During summer it’s doubly important to take care of your skin. You’re exposed to the sun more, you’re more active, and since you’re busier, you may not spend as much time as normal caring for your skin. So here are five (5) simple tips for better skin care this summer.

1) Always wear sun screen.

This tip is valid all year round, but 1000x more important during the summer months. You’ll be outside and exposed more, so it’s important that a good sun screen is an integral part of your morning skin care routine. Why morning? Well so you slather it on before you even venture out. Prevention is key here. You want the UVA and UVB sun blocking ingredients to absorb into your skin so they work. It’s already too late if you venture outside and put the sun screen on – it takes time to absorb and be effective. So add a good sun screen moisturizer to your morning routine and you’ll be set when you walk out the door.  And if you’re outside a lot don’t forget to reapply.

2) Drink plenty of water or fluids – but avoid alcohol.

It’s summer. It’s hot. You’re going to sweat and lose moisture. It’s important to replenish and rehydrate your body and your skin. It’ll keep your complexion supple and vibrant. Drink plenty of water and healthy fluids, especially if you’re outside in the sun or active in the heat. And avoid alcohol, not only does its digestion dehydrate you, the byproducts of the process aren’t good for your complexion. Everyone knows that hungover looking face – avoid the problem, drink water not alcohol.

3) Eat healthy.

It’s true, you are what you eat. A better diet will translate into better skin. Take advantage of the bounty available during the summer. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. Attending a barbecue, fill up on salads and fruit and go easy on the burgers and hotdogs. You’ll feel better and your skin will look better.

4) Refrigerate eye creams

Here’s a nifty trick, keep your eye creams in your refrigerator. When applied the cream will be cold and instantly restrict blood flow and reduce puffiness. Use your eye cream in the morning not at night. During sleep, eye creams can seep into your eye and cause irritation and swelling. Application in the morning will also help keep your eyes looking better during the day.

5) Exfoliate.

One of the best things you can do to improve your complexion is to exfoliate regularly. You don’t need to heavy-duty scrub or a glycolic peel or similar harsh treatment – you can use a cleanser that has small scrubbing micro-beads. This is generally enough to remove the dead top-layer of skin that can clog pores and dull complexions. And, a textured cleanser is more gentle and can be used daily or every few days. Strong exfoliation efforts can be done monthly with the gentle cleansing doing the work in between stronger exfoliations.

Bonus idea – add a bio cellulose mask to your routine.

Of course we’re strong supporters of masks – and bio cellulose masks will help your skin in the short-term and long-term. After application, your skin will look and feel refreshed. And it will certainly be super-moisturized. Long-term, the anti-aging ingredients help to remove fine lines and wrinkles and our lightener mask can even out skin tone and improve its texture.

A little pampering is always a good idea too. So exfoliate one evening, apply a Bel Mondo bio cellulose mask and then relax in the tub or on the patio outdoors. You’ll feel and look better since reducing and avoiding stress can also help your skin.

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