Put your best face forward this New Year

Put your best face forward this New Year

By: bmbAdmin | 25 Dec 2011

If you’re heading out for New Year’s Eve then you might want to start your evening preparation with a Bel Mondo Beauty Facial Mask. Your make-up will apply better and your skin will look terrific all evening!

When your skin is super hydrated your make-up looks better

One of the beneficial “side effects” that many of our customers report is that after using their Bel Mondo Mask their skin not only looks and feels better…but when make-up is applied it goes on smoother and lighter. Your skin is better prepared to receive the make-up because it is super hydrated and infused with helpful skin-beautifying ingredients. The result a porcelain complexion that’s “super-ready” for make-up.

Your skin will look and feel terrific

Bel Mondo Bio Cellulose Masks are the perfect pre-event preparation. Not only do they start your mood and mind off in a better place, as a little pampering helps to get you ready for a fun evening out, but it also makes your face look and feel terrific. Our customers continually report a glowing complexion that helps them look radiant for twenty-four hours or more.

Hollywood stars pamper themselves before big events

It’s well known that the glitterati and hollywood stars spend the day or days at spas before big events. It’s part of their celebrity beauty secrets – to de-stress and pamper themselves with a super-hydrating facial treatment that will help them look their best. Bel Mondo Masks can help you look your best for your big evening out – so why not start your New Year off right and look and feel terrific. Oh…and did we mention Bel Mondo Masks will help you refresh yourself the next morning – it won’t help your hangover…but you’ll look better.

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