Prevention is the key to healthy skin

Prevention is the key to healthy skin

By: bmbAdmin | 16 Dec 2015

It’s easier to keep something from getting damaged than it is to repair the damage. This is true with most things in life – and it’s certainly true when it comes to skin care. While it may not be possible to prevent 100% of potential skin damage, it is certainly possible to prevent some damage – and to minimize the effects of that which is not preventable.

Tips for helping to prevent skin damage

There are things everyone can do to minimize skin damage:


A lot of your body’s natural skin care repair happens while you sleep. Getting adequate, quality sleep is a must. Keep your bedroom (or wherever you choose to sleep) free from distractions such as electronics and excessive light or noise. Allow your body to do its critical replenishment during those resting hours. A consistent lack of sleep can have cumulative damaging effects on your skin.

Practice good overall health.

Eating for proper nutrition, staying hydrated, and keeping fit with regular exercise not only helps your body function better, but it all helps your skin look its best. The healthier your body is, the healthier your skin will be.

Always wear sunscreen. Always.

How often do you skip sunscreen application on overcast or cold days? We all do it, but we shouldn’t. While it’s unlikely to see damage (such as a tan or a sunburn) on those cold, grey days, that does not mean damage hasn’t occurred. The sun is one of the main causes of skin damage, and often the signs of damage don’t show up for several years. But a golden tan now is not worth the wrinkled skin (and potential skin cancer risk) down the line. Sunscreen should be used daily, regardless of the weather, and should be applied on all exposed skin.

Yes, masks can be an important part of preventative skin care.

Bel Mondo’s bio cellulose sheet masks are a great addition to your preventative skin care regimen. Not only do Bel Mondo masks nourish the skin with their premium ingredients and advanced fabric, but they provide a pampering effect that can relax and pamper the wearer, helping to reduce stress – yet another factor in preventing skin damage.

If you begin taking proper steps to prevent skin damage today, you will see improvements now, and more beautiful skin in the future – and you may be able to avoid invasive procedures (injections, surgeries) to repair that damage. Just remember to always think of how your skin care choices will affect your skin now – as well as years from now.

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