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I would not think of using any other mask on my clients than Bel Mondo’s. I have been in the beauty business for over 30 years and I have tried many masks for my clients. Nothing delivers like these masks do!

I like that each mask is individually wrapped, making sure that there is no contamination of product, as well as being easy for product control — no over mixing or using too much. Each treatment is consistent. I love that they are offered for different skin needs.

I do a lot of micro needling and microdermabarasion and the calming masks are indispensable after those treatments. My clients never leave my treatment room looking irritated or red. The hydrating masks are great for dehydrated skin, and there is plenty of that in South Florida.

When I use the anti-aging masks, my clients are always amazed at the results! Using these in the treatment room leads to additional revenue in our boutique, because once clients try these masks, they will want to use them at home as well.

– Pamela Campbell, Owner

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