On the May 16th Episode of The Dr. Oz Show

On the May 16th Episode of The Dr. Oz Show, Ultimate Girl’s Guide guest presented some skin savers

By: bmbAdmin | 15 May 2012

Dr. Oz’s guest Jene Luciani reviews a few products for refreshing and hydrating your skin. Unfortunately while Jene features a mask type product, she’s selected a poor example of a facial sheet mask. AmorePacific’s Moisture Bound Refreshing Masque is a two piece mask that also comes with ampoules of concentrated botanical ingredients. It appears that the mask is used to hold the ampoule liquid to the face to prevent evaporation. It’s a two step process that also recommends the addition of more moisturizing products after mask’s use. While AmorePacific is a well known brand with many popular treatments in Asia we’re confident Bel Mondo’s 100% bio cellulose masks offer easier application and super concentrated hydration in the mask itself.

We’re happy to see facial treatment masks featured

Don’t get us wrong, the AmorePacific Refreshing Masque may be a good product – we’re simply bias to our own. And we’re also strong believers in creating the best facial treatment mask possible. One that’s not only potent and effective but that’s also very easy to use. Bel Mondo’s bio cellulose masks come fully infused with cosmeceutical ingredients and tons of moisture. You simply open the foil pack, remove the back, apply the mask, and relax. Our masks cling tightly to your face while they intensely moisturize and help you look and feel better (after a little indulgent pampering).

Hopefully next time Jene Luciani will be aware of Bel Mondo Beauty’s 100% Bio Cellulose Facial Treatment Masks. Dr. Oz and his fans deserve the best possible mask! And pardon us for being proud of Bel Mondo’s mask – we honestly feel ours is the best facial treatment mask on the market. I’m sure our marketing team will reach out to Dr. Oz and Jene to help them learn about Bel Mondo Beauty. Then next time others can discover the bio cellulose difference and Bel Mondo’s masks too!

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